Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial page, meticulously designed for our esteemed users.

Our primary objective is to offer you a seamless experience with our bot, and these videos serve as your guiding hand. From initial setup to advanced settings, we’ve got you covered.

Each tutorial is curated to provide clear, step-by-step instructions on specific functionalities, ensuring that you harness the full potential of our product.



Tutorial 1: Initial Setup

Jumpstart your experience with our bot. This tutorial walks you through the first crucial steps to get your bot up and running. No technical jargon, just simple steps to a successful setup.

Tutorial 2: Device settings

Delve deeper into optimizing your bot for your specific device. Learn about crucial settings to ensure smooth operation and efficient results tailored to your device’s capabilities.

Tutorial 3: Account settings

Your account is unique, and so should its settings be. This tutorial helps you customize account parameters, aligning the bot’s functionality with your objectives seamlessly.

Tutorial 4: Follow tool

Explore the dynamics of the ‘Follow’ tool, a powerful feature to expand your audience reach. Understand the intricacies and maximize your growth potential.

Tutorial 5: Unfollow tool

Keep your account tidy and relevant. This quick guide shows you how to utilize the ‘Unfollow’ tool effectively, ensuring that you maintain a high-quality follower base.

Tutorial 6: Other Tabs

Navigate through the various other functionalities that our bot offers. Each tab offers unique features; discover how to use them to their fullest potential.

Tutorial 7: Navigation buttons

Effortless navigation is key to a user-friendly experience. Grasp the utility of each button and move around our platform like a pro.
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